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Anti-abuse services 

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The expertise you need

 Building, operating, and maintaining an anti-abuse system requires a very specific set of skills. Data science, platform engineering, devops, security, and case management all play a role in successfully addressing a problem with fraud or abuse. Anti-abuse is a cost center, but it doesn’t make any money, so pulling talent away from your core efforts to build the solution is challenging.

Let Siegescape help. We have the expertise you need to integrate, develop, extend, architect, or improve the solution to your problem with abuse.


Interested in a simple solution to your abuse problem? Let us do the heavy lifting to integrate the Siegescape Core anti-abuse technology into your platform.


We can provide insight into your abuse problem, backed by over a decade of expertise building complex, large-scale anti-abuse systems.


Siegescape can provide the talent to build your specific anti-abuse solution, from improvements to your existing solution to entirely bespoke.