Stronger defenses against fraud and abuse

Our Vision

Fraud and abuse are pervasive, and the social costs are staggering. These costs are being passed on to the companies trying to do business in these domains, both directly via financial losses and lost business, and indirectly through compliance legislature, lawsuits, and existential threats like blacklists. Organizations must protect themselves from these threats, but effective solutions require specialized expertise and large investments of time and money.

Siegescape was founded to help companies protect themselves from the barbarian hordes at the gates. We have the tools and expertise needed to stop abuse of your platform quickly, affordably, and sustainably.




An estimated 88 billion spam messages are sent per day. The cost of these messages is $20B in the US alone.



prescription drug Abuse

Prescription drug fraud and prescriber abuse have precipitated the unmitigated public health disaster that is the opioid crisis, estimated to cost $55B annually.



Payment Fraud

Payment fraud accounts for hundreds of billions of dollars in costs every year, with over 92% of those costs being passed on to the merchant.


Siegescape can help.


Turnkey solutions to your problems

Hit the ground running with fully-integrated solutions, built atop the powerful Siegescape Core platform.

Solve any anti-abuse problem with the siegescape core platform

Siegescape Core puts the power to stop abuse in your platform in the hands of your domain experts with a comprehensive set of behavioral anti-abuse tools.

Integration, consulting, and contracting

Siegescape has the expertise to help you overcome your challenges with fraud and abuse, from integrating existing platforms to building bespoke solutions.