Stronger defenses against fraud and abuse

Siegescape Core

A platform to stop fraud and abuse


Stop reacting, start protecting

Anti-abuse shouldn’t be an afterthought. Siegescape leverages a powerful set of capabilities to protect against bad behavior in your platform, both from adversaries and from your legitimate users. These best-of-breed behavioral techniques make it simple enough for domain experts (like your employees) to build effective, sustainable solutions to your abuse problems without the need for specialized data science and platform engineering expertise.


Data science, built in

Behavioral anti-abuse uses data science and machine learning to build an understanding of your users so that it can identify when they’re doing things they shouldn’t. Siegescape offers a way to leverage these tools without paying the premium for data scientists. Intuitive, visual tools for exploring data make it easy to understand your users and their behavior, and adaptive machine learning algorithms improve your results over time.


Scale without fear

Simple, reactive systems offer attackers a lot of time to damage your systems, your reputation, and your users - by definition, they don’t catch abuse until after it has happened. Building a fast, streaming anti-abuse system that scales requires expensive platform engineering and operational expertise.

With Siegescape, scalability concerns are a thing of the past. The insights your domain experts discover are immediately available as an API-driven streaming platform. And because we host it for you, no operational experience is necessary.


Adapt to changing threats

Abusers thrive by evolving their activities to evade detection. Brittle, rule-based systems quickly become ineffective without constant maintenance and attention.

Siegescape incorporates changing behavior into the view of your platform and users. As a result, it can identify new and emerging threats while avoiding becoming a noise generator when your users’ behavior changes at large.